1st Party Cookies

First-party cookies, generated by the host domain of the website being browsed, and may be the new way how cookies are generated.

Formula 1, is not about the Cars!

Anybody that knows me is that I have always been and more so in the last 3 years or so a Formula 1 geek and I have seen an astonishing evolution of this Sport that is worth looking at and taking a few take-aways from. It is more than just 22 or so cars going […]

They are listening, probably.

You ever get that eerie feeling when you’re chatting about something, then bam, it pops up as an ad on your phone? Totally creepy, right? We’ve all been there, done that. But let’s dive deeper into this rabbit hole, peel back a few layers, and ask that age-old question: “Are they really listening to me?” […]

Google Chrome stole our Cookies and left us with the Crumbs

Anthony Chavez, Google’s Vice President of Privacy, in December 2023 revealed plans to take further action in phasing out third-party cookies within Chrome. This through an upcoming product update for its widely-used internet browser. Google has doubled down and made this a default option to 1% of Chrome users as of 4th January. Quickly followed […]