Guide to Being Digital in iMalta

Ever more, we in Malta, are becoming a nation of look it up on Google or Facebook. Both platforms have quickly become the de facto places where one would look for Services, Brands and general information alike. With 86.9% in 2020 as internet users its is a very strong business case to be digital first for most business. This guide is intend for small operation which can easily go without the expense of a Digital Marketing Agency.

1. Get Set-Up

Create your social media accounts as quickly as possible on all social media’s be it LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to name a few. You might not want to use them now, but it is very important to have them set-up with your branding and logo. You do not want a competitor to get your instagram handle.

Purchase your domain and host a basic static page. This is not as expensive as one might think but would be very important later on when you want to expand your business. If you are unable to navigate the technical mambo jambo we can help, however a service such as WIX will do the trick at this stage.

Keep a copy of your passwords properly and keep track who has it. We as a Digital Marketing Agency often find it hard to be able to get access of these platforms from the client. Equally keeping track would eliminate any problems of disgruntled employees who might deface your social media, it has happened before, even to the big guys.

2. Have a Plan

Start by building a plan of how you want to approach this. It might be rather mundane but very important to understand what you want to achieve. A plan would have things like:

  • Who is my audience?
  • Who are my competitors?
  • How much is my budget?
  • What are my targets?
  • What are my skills?
  • Which online & offline marketing options will I use?
  • Are there any legal restrictions?
  • How will I create the content?

The above answers will help you to create a plan. Most importantly be able to check back at stages and see if you have met your own set criteria. It will also identify any external help you might need. Such as a designer to create the post as per your brief or a camera crew to film your commercial (check out our work) or the full help of a Digital Marketing Agency.

3. Be Consistent

We cannot stress this enough, is to be consistent, whether it’s daily, weekly or monthly. Unable to keep up the constancy and a schedule will show your potential customers that things are not being well maintained. Therefore this is where a Digital Marketing Agency would help if things are getting busy and out of hand.

4. If required get help of a Digital Marketing Agency

Most agencies, like us, would be more than happy to offer constancy to get your business in a stage where you can maintain. We can also help in areas where your skillset does not cover. So Contact us now if you would like a solid partner for your business.