The Influencer – a 2021 version of a Billboard

Let’s Cover the basics, what’s an Influencer?


A person with the ability to influence potential buyers of a product or service by promoting or recommending the items on social media.
“influencers can add serious credibility to your brand”

No matter your age (check out this granfluencer) or your genre, you too can be an influencer. While Instagram is the go-to hub for Influencers, this was not always the case. Remember when MySpace was a thing? Essentially, all social media platforms have Influencers.

If you want very strong evidence that influencers work watch Fyre on Netflix. It shows how one small orange tile was able to create immense hype on a festival that never even happened. (Also shows privileged kids losing money, so it is also entertaining from that aspect.)

Should make use of Influencer services?

Well, things can get somewhat expensive so making the most of it is important. Remember that you are tapping into tens to hundreds of thousands of potential customers. At times, not even TV, Radio or Print have that viewership.

  • Each influencer has a niche that they specialize in. What are you looking for?
  • Where is your market and audience located? For the majority, influencers tend to cater to the local market they are based in.
  • Are you looking at direct sales (mention your product directly) or organic mentions (the product or service happens to be used)?

Answering these questions will certainly help your marketing agency or marketing team, to suggest and propose the best options from the influencers which are currently trending. Usually marketing agencies have direct contacts to influencers and that always helps, as your brand is able to take advantage of the pre-built relationship between the agency and the influencers.

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From Sweet to Sour

Remember, that you are paying the services of someone to promote your product. Once the contract ends, you have no say on the influencer’s content. For example:

Hungry and fancy a take away?

Make sure you have a clear contract with the influencer, of what are you expecting. That can include a period in which the influencer cannot work with any of your competitors, also known as the ‘non-compete clause’. It helps protect your business.

Your next Steps

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