The Meme Theory

What is a Meme?

Just in case you are a Boomer or never used The Facebook, a Meme is an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by internet users, often with slight variations. Also, somewhat important Meme is not a GIF, but a GIF can be a Meme.

There is a fine line between it just being a meme or when it shifts to be considered cyberbullying. Typically if the person in the meme is ok with it, then it’s a meme – otherwise, it’s considered as bullying, no matter how funny it is Karen.


So should I use a meme?

Well, this is complicated. It all depends on your Brand. B2B brands tend to be very corporate and might prefer to play it safe and not even think about it, while B2C brands can play into the meme. It really depends on the nature of the business, the audience, and the public perspective of your brand.

Explicit, Suggestive, or Memes with public debate (Drugs, Alcohol, Gambling) are also generally not a good idea to share. Memes can have cultural reference which does not translate well in your Market, and would not be useful to post on your Social Media.

Show me the Science!

There is some basic Science when to use a meme, one needs to factor the following parameters first; Topic & Time.

What is the Topic of the Meme I want to post on my social media? Does it relate to my business or can I find an angle to relate? Usually one can find an angle, but ask yourself, is it lame, and will social media users get it?

Time is also a big factor in terms of when to jump on the Meme wagon. Too early you risk not being understood, or the meme to be labeled negatively by the public, use it too late and it would be considered as overused or boring. Being just at the right time makes your social media post that more effective.

Now, how do I create this meme?

This one is very easy and you have multiple options. If you are proficient in photoshop you can easily find the image online via a Google search, alternatively if you have a social media partner like you can speak to the team to create one for you. Lastly, you can go on this meme generator and generate your meme in minutes.

Bonus Tip

Be the Meme, this is both risky and effective. By being the meme you are basically getting free publicity, but same with any viral marketing do not be the Meme for the wrong reasons. Then again isn’t bad publicity good publicity?